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Interdisciplinary Curricula
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The New Netherland Museum, in partnership with New York State certified educators, has developed curriculula that integrate history, math, science, and writing, through the Half Moon's voyage. These curricula, for 4th and 7th grades, introduce learning objectives within the framework of the history of New Netherland.

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The Half Moon is a full-scale, operating replica of the Dutch ship of exploration that Henry Hudson sailed in 1609. It is a traveling museum that conducts programs about the unique history of the Dutch colony called New Netherland.


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2014 Fall Voyage of Discovery

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Latest News
September 8-19, 2014:
The 15th Annual Fall Voyage of Discovery is underway! Click the link above to follow our progress, or you can just track our course on the map below. Scroll past the live tracking map to see an archive of our entire voyage so far.

If you see a map of Greek Islands below, that means we are not currently transmitting a signal — most likely due to passing through an area with limited cellular coverage. After a few minutes, we should return.

August 29-31, 2014: Albany-Verplanck Transit: After spending two months out of the water receiving maintenance and upgrades at the Port of Albany, the Replica Ship Half Moon is back in the Hudson River! A volunteer crew moved the ship downriver to Verplanck this weekend in preparation for the Fall Voyage of Discovery.

Older News
June 30, 2014: Athens-Albany Transit: A light crew took the Replica Ship Half Moon upriver to the Port of Albany today for some scheduled maintenance, including an upgrade to its propellor.

June 27-29, 2014: Athens Sail Training Weekend: The Replica Ship Half Moon has been sitting peacefully at Peckham Wharf in Athens, NY for the last two months, where a steady stream of volunteers has been busy adjusting the ship's rigging and installing material improvements, such as a new helm hutch! This weekend, however, we had a full crew on board for a weekend of maintenance and sail handling.

April 12-13, 2014: Verplanck-Athens Shakedown: Spring has sprung and the Replica Ship Half Moon has launched the 2014 operating season! After spending days on board de-winterizing the ship, our volunteer crew spent the weekend testing the Half Moon's systems as the ship traveled upriver from its winter berth at King Marine in Verplanck, NY to its summer base of operations at Peckham Materials in Athens, NY.

Indians of the Hudson Valley: The New Netherland Museum's third interdisciplinary curriculum is on its way! Click here or on the link to the left for more information.

Robert Juet's Journal:
You can read the full and complete log of the 1609 voyage of the Halve Maen in command of Henry Hudson, transcribed here in the Journal of Robert Juet of Limehouse.

Click the links below to download either version of Juet's Journal:

(To access this file, you must install Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have this free program, you can download it here.)